Automation in Testing - References


  • Restful-Booker-Platform - A SaaS based platform that can be used to practise test automation tools against. You can find a publically deployed version of RBP here:
  • Api-Framework - A collection of API framework templates with examples checks within them to help you get started with API checking
  • Wirebridge - Wirebridge is a configurable API that helps teams abstract complex data creation tasks behind programmable HTTP requests
  • Naughty Strings - A series of strings that can be used in data driven testing

Online guides

  • - A publically deployed instance of Restful-booker-platform that you can practise automation in testing with
  • Restful-booker - A publically deployed API that allows you to practise API testing and checking
  • All Things Postman - A great set of tutorials around using the API testing tool Postman
  • Approval-Testing-Koans - A series of automated checks that let you practise Approval Testing
  • Cyber-Dojo - Cyber Dojo offers a wealth of coding exercises focused on creating tests with different languages and tools. The whole site is on the web so you can play with different languages without having to worry about the setup.

Automation in testing courses

Below are a series of free courses you can take to help improve your programming skills. We recommend you take the introduction to programming first.

AiT Twitch and YouTube

We’re using Twitch to share biweekly streams where we explore a tool. Sometimes we’re experienced with the tool and other times it’s the first time we are using it. If you use Twitch follow us at AiTOnline.

We share the recordings on the AiT Online YouTube channel, allowing more people to watch the content who were unable to attend the live Twitch. Check out the backlog on YouTube.

We have videos on REST Assured, Postman, React Testing Library, Chrome Developer Tools and many more to come.


Our talks

Other talks


Blog posts

  • Adjusting Test Size For Large Systems With Dependency scope - Trish Koo - A great post from Trish that details an approach to understanding your product, identify areas of test and identifying it’s key dependencies whilst ignoring the rest.
  • Test Heuristic Cheat Sheets - Elizabeth Hendrickson - An awesome list of heuristics to help you trigger test ideas. Great for data driven testing and checking.
  • RCRCRC - Karen’s mnemonic that can help trigger thinking around focusing what automated checks take priority. It also has some details on what heuristics and mnemonics are - Karen Johnson
  • End-to-End Tests Considered Harmful - Steve Smith share an interesting view on E2E tests.
  • Taxonomy for Test Oracles - Doug Hoffman - A fantastic list and explanation of different oracle types.


These are books that we have written or contributed to:

  • Testing Web APIs - The comprehensive guide for creating and implementing test strategies for Web APIs

These are books that we have read and found to be influential

  • The Glass Cage - Nicholas Karr - A exploration of how automation in different industries is affecting us as humans
  • An Introduction to General Systems Thinking - Jerry Weinberg - An in-depth exploration of the challenge we face when attempting to understand general systems such as sofware applications
  • Experiences Of Test Automation - Dorothy Graham - An experience report on Test automation techniques and practises from the very experienced Dorothy Graham, a long time speaker on test automation.
  • Testing In Devops - Katrina Clokie - A fantastic introduction to how testing fits into the devops approach of software delivery
  • McLuhan for Managers - Mark Federman - An introduction to the laws of media created by Marshall McLuhan a law that can be applied to the tools we use to extend our testing.
  • Before The Code: First Steps to Automation in Testing - Jim Hazen - In this book you’ll learn about the things you need to do first before writing a line of code.


  • Umaar Devtools - A weekly newsletter that gives you awesome tips on Developer tools
  • JavaScript Newsletter - A weekly newsletter that gives you awesome tips on JavaScript with a testing focus from Kent C. Dodds

Development Principles and Practices

Check Examples

JUnit Tests

Unit test to check the length of a token

WireMock in Java

Create a booking with a mocked auth API

Standalone WireMock

Several examples of a standalone mock you can stop and start

Rest Assured

This uses REST Assured and ApprovalTest to check the initial route call, and check the HTML sent
Booking data validations

Data Builder Pattern

Example of the Data Builder Patterns

Contract Tests

JS Example
Java Example

Approval Tests

This uses REST Assured and ApprovalTest to check the initial route call, and check the HTML sent
Auth integration tests

Selenium WebDriver

Several smoke tests using PageObject pattern


Auth, Home and Room visual tests using Applitools

Jest & Enzyme

Several Jest examples

React Testing Library (RTL)

Auth login test using RTL

Tools That Attendeees Have Used in AiT