Free JavaScript/Node Basics Course

Welcome to my free JavaScript / Node.JS basic course. This course is an accompanies the the free Java basics course created by Richard Bradshaw. I would recommend before you start this course that you read through the free programming basics course created by Richard.

Getting setup

Before you start the course you will need to ensure that you have NodeJS installed. You can find installation details here



  1. Using VSCode
    • Downloading and Installing
    • Opening projects
    • Building projects
    • Windows
    • Running a Test
  2. Debugging
  3. IntelliSense

JavaScript/Node Basics

  1. Introduction JavaScript & Node
  2. Node Syntax
  3. Adding libraries
  4. Types
  5. Functions
  6. Objects
  7. Operators
  8. Control Flow
  9. Abstraction
  10. Encapsulation
  11. Prototypes


  1. What is Mocha?
  2. Setting up Mocha
  3. Creating tests with Mocha
  4. What are hooks?
  5. What are assertions?
  6. Running your tests
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