Free CSharp Basics Course

Welcome to my free basic C# course.

This course was designed as a follow on from my Basic Programming course.

This is purely a text and code course, I’m going to be creating some supporting videos to this course that will be available on the Ministry of Testing’s online learning platform, The Dojo.


Visual Studio

  1. Using Visual Studio
    • Downloading and Install Visual Studio
    • Downloading code from GitHub
    • Creating A New Solution and Project
    • Importing A Soluution/Project
    • Building A Project
    • Various Windows / Toolbars
    • Running a Check
  2. Debugging
  3. IntelliSense

C# Basics

  1. C# Syntax
  2. Using Libraries
  3. Classes And Objects In C#
  4. Types And Objects In C#
  5. Variables, Fields and Properties in C#
  6. Methods in C#
  7. Operators in C#
  8. Control Flow in C#
  9. Abstraction in C#
  10. Encapsulation in C#
  11. Inheritance in C#
  12. Polymorphism in C#
  13. Decomposition in C#
  14. Code Comments in C#


  1. What is NUnit?
  2. Setting up NUnit
  3. Creating Tests with NUnit
  4. What are Test Fixtures?
  5. What are Assertions?
  6. What are Matchers?
  7. Running Your Tests


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