Free Java Basics Course

Welcome to my free basic Java course. I made this course free in August 2017, so that I could focus on other areas related to Automation in Testing, however, I didn’t want all the years I’d spent becoming competent in Java to go to rest, so I made the course freely available.

This course was designed as a follow on from my Basic Programming course and both are prerequisite to my free Selenium WebDriver course.

This is purely a text and code course, I’m going to be creating some supporting videos to this course that will be available on the Ministry of Testing’s online learning platform, The Dojo.

Getting setup

Before you start the course you will need to ensure that you have Java installed. You can find installation details here



  1. Using IntelliJ
    • Downloading and Installing
    • Opening projects
    • Building projects
    • Windows
    • Running a Test
  2. Debugging
  3. IntelliSense

Java Basics

  1. Java Syntax
  2. Using Libraries
  3. Classes And Objects In Java
  4. Types And Objects In Java
  5. Variables, Fields and Properties in Java
  6. Methods in Java
  7. Operators in Java
  8. Control Flow in Java
  9. Abstraction in Java
  10. Encapsulation in Java
  11. Inheritance in Java
  12. Polymorphism in Java
  13. Decomposition in Java
  14. Code Comments in Java


  1. What is JUnit?
  2. Setting up JUnit
  3. Creating Tests with JUnit
  4. What are Test Fixtures?
  5. What are Assertions?
  6. What are Matchers?
  7. Running Your Tests


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