Getting Started With Selenium WebDriver

Course Length

I find the best format to be two days, however a single day and three day have been ran.

Course Description

If you have been testing for many years or new to testing, you probably hear the word automation a lot. It’s a buzzword in the testing space. However, it can have a huge impact on your testing approach, one of the most popular tools used for automation is Selenium WebDriver. With the most common use in testing projects being for automated checking/testing on the UI of a browser application.

Selenium is an opensource project creating tools for browser automation and support libraries, WebDriver is one of the tools form the project. WebDriver is an API for driving browsers, and is currently supported by most of the major browser vendors.

In this course we will familiarise ourselves with the WebDriver API using Java/C#, getting to grips with its core features:

  • Open different browsers
  • Locating elements
  • Interacting with elements
  • Screenshots
  • Waits

We will then explore some of the popular patterns used in writing maintainable browser automation such as factories, the page object pattern and the data builder pattern.

This practical, hands on, course will benefit all experience levels of programming, no matter what level, all attendees will leave with working WebDriver code on their machines and a long list on how they can use the WebDriver API in their context.


This course is available in the following languages:

  • Java
  • C#


Java – Bring a laptop with the latest JDK. Latest IntelliJ (Community / Paid). Your preferred browsers.
C# – Bring a laptop with the latest Visual Studio (Community/Paid) installed. Your preferred browsers.


  • If new to programming, attendees will leave with a basic understanding of programming constructs
  • A high level understanding of how the core WebDriver API works
  • Working examples on the basic WebDriver API calls
  • Details explanation of how some of the most common patterns work, along with working code examples
  • Everyone will leave with working code on their machines
  • My experiences throughout the course on using Selenium WebDriver