Automation in Testing Cohort Course Prerequisites

The Automation in Testing three day class is fast approaching and it’s going to be a packed few days of discussions, exercises and lots of thinking! To help make things go as smoothly as possible to ensure you get all you can from the class we have a few requests. Some material to look over and some things to install ready for the class.

Geting setup

In this course we will be testing and automating a close to real life product, but to do this we need you install some libraries, IDEs and the product under test. Depending on your experience and skill this may take up to 2-3 hours to complete, so we advise you to allocate some time in advance to get setup so that if you run into any issues you can get in touch with us to resolve them (Contact details below).

Corporate laptops - PLEASE READ

It has been our experience that people attending our courses with corporate laptops may have the following issues:

  • Locked down permissions sets, preventing you from installing the necessary tools
  • Your network is routed through a proxy or virtual private network that prevents you from accessing specific sites, or downloading libraries

Please check if your laptop is subject to these restrictions as soon as you can, as you may need to seek permissions or guidance to get the necessary tools installed and setup. Alternatively, if you have a personal laptop, we encourage you to use that.

Programming libraries

To get started you will need to install and configure the following libraries. Please open each of the links and follow the instructions to get setup:


For the exercises around Java and exploring the product under test you’ll need a JAVA IDE. Our preferred IDE is IntelliJ, if you are comfortable with Eclipse, feel free to us it, but we will be unable to offer support in Eclipse as we don’t use it and aren’t familiar with it.

For the exercises around Javascript/Node our preferred IDE is VSCode. Again if you already have a preference feel free to us it, we just won’t be able to offer IDE support.

Download IntelliJ (Community Edition is fine) Download VSCode

Feedback from other attendees is that each of the above courses take 45-60mins to read through and digest, and 2-3 hours or so each if you practice and create some of your own code examples.

Product Under Test

The product the course will be based on is called Restful Booker Platform.

If you are familiar with using Git we encourage you to clone the repository. If you are not, you can click download on the right of the page to download the source code as a ZIP file.

The readme file contains all the instructions needed to get the app up and running

If possible we encourage you to do a git pull the week of the course or do a fresh download of the source code to make sure you have the latest version.

Need Help

If for any reason you are running into any issues downloading, installing or running any of these prerequisites please get in touch before the tutorial to help us save time. Any technical questions around getting the product or IDEs setup please email Mark.

Or you can contact us via the Ministry of Testing Slack if you have an account, if you don’t and use Slack consider creating one, lots of great discussions on there.

We are very much looking forward to the class.

All the best Mark and Richard