Approval testing set up

This page maps out the different tools you will require for the workshop: ‘Approval testing - Superpower your automation feedback’.

For us, ‘Approval testing - Superpower your automation feedback’ is considered a more advanced workshop and we will assume that you have some experience of working with automated checking, specifically in a Java context. We will expect that you know how to create basic automated checks and having a working knowledge of Java. If you don’t we offer free online courses in Java and building automated checks in Java.

Pre-requisite software

Please ensure you have all of these items installed on your laptop, and that you bring the laptop to the workshop.

Development language

We will be working with Java so please ensure you have Java SDK 1.8 or higher installed.


All demonstrations and examples have been designed with the IDE IntelliJ CE in mind, so please ensure you have a copy of IntelliJ installed. You are welcome to use Eclipse as well, but we may not be able to support you as well with that tooling.

Application under test

We will be practising using Approval testing techniques against a purpose built app to allow you to explore different toolings and ideas. Please ensure you have downloaded and are able to run the following JAR:

Application koans

During the workshop you will be tasked with updating a series of automated tests to leverage Approval Testing techniques. Therefore you will need to download the following repository and open it in either IntelliJ/Eclipse to get started.

Diffing tool

As you will learn, Approval Testing is about comparisons of data sets. Therefore you will need a tool to be able to visualise and manipulate the differences easily, therefore you will need to download and install a diffing tool. The tools below have been tested and are known to work with ApprovalTests:

More support

If you have any questions please get in touch with Mark either on Twitter: @2bittester or via email: [email protected]