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Polymorphism refers to changing the behaviour of a super class in the subclass.

Polymorphism is highly coupled with inheritance. In simple terms, we can overwrite methods (not in all languages) of the superclass with a method on the subclass.

We can take our scenario of PageObjects from the inheritance lesson to frame an example of polymorphism. As mentioned, we have a wait method on our base page object, our superclass. However, our login page is a bit temperamental, so we need a stronger wait method on this page.Since this new wait method is specific to the login page, we don’t want to update the wait method on the superclass as that will cause issues with all of our other pages. So instead, we can add a wait method to our login page PageObject. The compiler is then smart enough to use the wait method on our login page PageObect instead of the superclass. This is Polymorphism in action.

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