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So we’ve written many tests, but how do we run them? Good question. We actually have many ways we can run our tests, so let’s explore them.


As mentioned in the very first lesson, Using Visual Studio, you can run your tests within Visual Studio, hopefully you’ve been able to do that while following along.

Command Line

Another option is to use the command line. You can quickly switch to a terminal window and execute your checks, but the biggest advantage of getting to grips with the command line is for continuous integration (CI). The vast majority of CI tools, if not all of them, support the ability to run command line commands. So if you create some scripts locally to run your checks, you can easy add that to your CI.

There are also the Console Runner and managing your tests using NUnit Test Projects, however, as I haven’t used them personally, I wrote write about them, instead I’ve added links to them in the Resources.

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Console Command Line
Console Runner
NUnit Test Projects

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