Welcome to Automation in Testing, a place for all things automation in the context of testing.

I’m not going to ramble on, the main reason for this page is to see if my Jeykll skills are up to scratch and all this actually works!

This is going to be the home of Automation in Testing (AiT) a combined effort by Mark Winteringham and myself. We’re going to publish and produce all sorts of content on automation, and publish it all right here! Then, hopefully in time also work by others in the community.

Why a new site? I’ve written briefly about why on our about page. Automation in Testing as mentioned is a combined effort, initially, by myself and Mark Winteringham, so it makes logical sense for us to have a central site instead of spreading it across our existing blogs. It makes it easier for us, and hopefully in the future, easier for you to find out more about AiT.

The first thing we’ve done is to move my three free programming basics courses to this domain, you can now find them on online courses. You’ll also find a new addition by Mark, Javascript/Node Basics. We plan to add to this during 2018, the next addition by myself will be a C# Basics.

Secondly, we have our first public class in March, a three-day class titled ‘Automation in Testing’ very creative! But those words make perfect sense to us, and there were no other candidates. Even better, the class has sold out! Head over to events to see where else AiT material is being taught.

Finally, although is the first page on here, if you’d like to talk to us about providing some AiT training internally at your company please contact us using your preferred medium in the footer of the site.