Training Courses

We provide classes on a whole host of topics related to Software Testing. The following classes are run privately, publicly via Ministry of Testing and at testing events around the world. You can follow our events schedule here.

We offer the following fixed courses, but we'd be happy to tailor something for you if you have specific needs around these topics.

Table of courses available
Course Short Description Course Details
Automation in Testing A new three-day course focused on the philosphy behind Automation in Testing. Course details
Lego Automation The famous LegoAutomation class. A class all about automation without writing any code! A unique, insightful and fun class full of smiles and learning. Course details
Strategies for Automated Regression Testing A new one day tutorial focused on getting your strategy right for Regression Testing, especially with the use of automation. Course details
Testing web services Hands workshop focusing on API testing and exploring web services Course details
Getting Started With Selenium WebDriver A class aimed at those new to Selenium WebDriver. Suitable for all programming experience, from new to experienced. Course details

If you're interested in any of these courses, please contact us using an option below to discuss further.

As mentioned above, we also offer these courses via the Ministry of Testing as part of their Masters of the Ministry initiative. You can find many other courses from great instructors over at their site, and also details of any public instances of my classes.